Anger and Hurt


If a man or woman is very violent or abusive, be careful. It is a smallness in their character that was caused by emotional hurt, left to fester all through his/her formative years that is the culprit.
Prolonged anger-brazen or passive,-left unmanaged, is always a time bomb ticking, which in its blast,  leaves mangled  many dreams of a great marriage; sometimes, decapitating what could have been great friendships or careers and always etching a penumbra of  regret of how ‘I should have managed my anger better’.

But anger is not a thing to be careless about; telling your co-Worker or loved one whom you’ve hurt that it will never happen again, because it will.

Rage is all too combustible when the hurt that brought it into your soul persists. Maybe the deep-seated hurt of been sexually violated or verbally abused as a child made you so angry. Maybe it was the rejection you experienced from other children heckling at you for being physically different in some way. Whatever it is, you’ve got to go back there and forgive it wholeheartedly with God’s help.

Until you go back there to where it all began,  you will be that walking time bomb, leaving bodies in your wake. Hurt people hurt people (no pun intended)…. It’s just a fact of life.


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