Be More!


If you have failed in life, you aren’t the only one. We all have-in some way.

You cannot  like most people-who allow the excuses of trying and failing once, let it be your alibi for living a life less than what you deserve.

People who make excuses end up with nothing.And in a sense, it’s because they have given up on themselves. But don’t give up. Your destiny is your choice. You choose what outcomes you have in life.

To go in a certain direction; to live life on your terms, you’ve got to become more. And to become more, you’ve got to believe in your gifts, your opportunities and your abilities.

Be Decisive

You’ve  got to make a decision to be SOMEBODY because you are. Know that decisions are much easier when made.  And don’t be mistaken, you will suck at some of your decisions at first but it’s not enough to wind up and conclude you aren’t anything. Settle it in your mind that some things you are called to do will be difficult.

Shut Out The Naysayers

Next, take your life back by shutting out the naysayers no matter who they are in your life. Get around be people that stretch and challenge you. Never forget it; a word of encouragement is worth more than a thousand words of criticism.

Practice Positive Self-Talk

Lastly, practice self- talk…positive self-talk. Become your own fan. Permit yourself to be powerful, beautiful, eloquent… desirable. Words are amplifiers—and I will share about this in the coming week.

But this week, talk success and permit yourself to be successful.


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