Success Mastery: 4 Quick Tips




Here are 4 quick tips you should be considering as we enter the last week of February if the year has still not gotten off to a real start for you:

Have Rituals

Happiness is about progress. And to make progress you need rituals whether it is working out, praying, meditating, reading your Bible or blogging. Success is determined by the things you do daily.

 Tell Yourself The Truth

Next, tell yourself the truth about where you are. You need to be at home with the progress you are making. If you are always broke and need to make progress financially, maybe it time  you took stock; knowing your personal balance sheet like the back of your hand. Track expenses , plan from where you are and institute some process for accountability.

Be Self-Motivated

Find a compelling story that will drive you to where you want to be. Why do you have to sell today? Why do you have to workout? Why do you have to read that book? What will your family benefit from your learning how to sell products on Amazon? Look for motivation from within and use it as fuel for your success.

Be Resourceful

Resources will not always be available but drawing on your resourcefulness is invaluable. You use what you have to get to where you are going.

Now I would typically have dropped this on a Monday but I think someone out there really needed to read this today… and reflect  on paper how to use these 4 tips to make quick changes before we are way into the year.

With love and great respect,





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