The Power Of Meditation

Several years ago,  while in college, I had an accident, having dreamt about it the morning before . I slipped and fell along the stairway of an uncompleted building which at the time, didn’t have a bannister to prevent me from slipping further through the middle of a cement flight of stairs, from the first floor to the ground. It was terrible; the pain I felt in my abdomen, so excruciating, I wouldn’t even wish it upon an enemy.

Long story short, I didn’t go to the hospital to get checked even though I knew I should have. As a person of faith, I  had seen and even been instrumental to the faith-healing of many at school. And so I felt I’d have been embarrassed if as a faith-healer, I couldn’t heal myself.So here’s what I did. I collected every thought from the Bible about healing and began say them and thinking deeply on them every morning and once at night and in a few days, what I thought was an experiment became a miracle.

Now, you may think that the pain co-incidentally left me after a few days, but I quickly noticed that this exercise also worked with getting money and imroving my grades significantly.

As I inundated my mind with Bible- thoughts on finances and intelligence,  I saw marked improments in those areas.

Now, this shouldn’t  be something you brush off too quickly. Give it a try and see how this might be the part you are missing on the road to success.

Have a great weekend


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