If Today Were Your Last


If this today were your last day on Earth, what will we remember you for?


What legacy would you have left behind? How many lives would you have touched, if any at all?


You see, you weren’t born for yourself; to wallow and live a life of despondency, living from paycheck to paycheck. You were born to resonate; to connect; to serve a purpose; to be an answer to the cries of someone out there.


You were born with  a dream in your heart. And part of dreaming is giving yourself to the world to make that change you were born for.


Don’t live your life the easy way. Easy is a lie. The ideas, dreams and gifts given you, need you to give them life. You have so much in you. You have books, products, kindness, brilliance and endless possibilities that we can benefit from. Don’t get to your last day only to realize you never lived. Don’t!

You were born to live full and die empty. Die empty!



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