Your Permission


If people take advantage of you every time, it’s not without your permission. People treat us the way we teach them to. It’s not that they do it because they have no respect or sensitivity as to our time, space or personhood, they do it because of the cues we give them when they break their promises, fail to keep an appointment, refuse to pay a debt and so on. They treat us without affection because somehow, we let them know it’s okay to do so.

‘But how do I teach people to treat me with disrespect?’ Someone might ask.

You do so by not correcting inappropriate behavior towards you with open and decisive communication. You tell people they can treat you cheaply when you cheapen yourself by not speaking up at poor treatment  meted to you.

Your permission is why they have been riding you so hard, and you can take back that permission at any time-even today.

Learn  to use the word, ‘No’  as it may be the most important word you learn to use this year. Withdraw the liberty you have handed our to your colleagues to treat you with disrespect. You cannot please everybody and it is about time you learnt it.

Have a great day!



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