Be A Thermostat, Not A Thermometer


Two kinds of people walk this earth-the thermometers and the thermostats.

The thermometers are the pliable. Their behaviors are influenced by their environment. They are the ones that get swayed by peer pressure; that get lost in the crowd and make decisions simply because every other person is making the same decisions. They are the traditionalists, the conformists, the people who just do things because its the thing to do. Don’t be this way.

The thermostats on the other hand, do not live on the terms of their environment. These are the folks who cannot keep with the status quo. They sure do not do things because of social acceptability or because of traditions handed down. They are the non-conformist; the trail blazers; the square pegs in round wholes. Thermostats live on their own terms and do not wait for anybody to give them permission.

When you meet  thermometers, they are so easy to recognize. Nothing about them inspires confidence. They are the pedestrian talkers. They are the ones who take a job, get married or complain about the government because it is what everybody does. Don’t be like this.

Become a thermostat from today. Make up your mind that you will live proactively; to voice your own thoughts and not the crowds; to be the change that you want to see in the world.

Be a thermostat and not a thermometer.



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