Punching Bags



Most people who are disagreeable in our lives are there for our advantage. Yes…that nagging spouse, the difficult-to-please boss and that co-worker you don’t just get along with are all there so that you can…wait for it…use them as sparring practice.

Now while I know you won’t mind the idea of punching some of these cantankerous people in the face, I actually mean that you can use these people to train yourself in self-restraint. Let their acrimonious nature drive your grit deeper as to how you understand and react to them

Think about it, former President Barack Obama will be remembered for many things  but self-restraint would  probably standout the most. He was a President who probably exuded the most control over his emotions than any other before and after him when it came to dealing with adversity. I find that living as a black child in Indonesia with his mother helped him become the man he is today. Obama  learnt to tolerate and ignore racists taunts from his classmates – rather than respond – back then. Their comments were his punching bag that enabled him stay above the fray in the face of untoward comments and two government shutdowns during his presidency.

In a time, when people are quickly given to using uncanny words to express disgust at almost anything, be the adult in the room and simply treat their words as things practice having a good demeanor with. So the next time your spouse, your boss or your co-worker becomes feisty, treat their words as a sparring session to help you improve your personal emotional management.


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