Forgive Yourself



One of the things you can do to really help how you approach success is to maintain a healthy self-esteem. In a sense, I’ll say, learn to deal with issues without casting aspersions on yourself particularly, when things do not go the way you plan.

Certain, it may be that you now find yourself in a situation that you deeply regret. Maybe out of sheer ignorance, willfulness or curiosity, you dabbled into a habit, relationship or business dealing for which you now feel ashamed of, or even embarrassed by, for which you are now urgently needing perspective on.
So, here’s some perspective on how to deal with the pain of regret: You didn’t know better  when you did those things…but now you do. And for this  reason alone, you need to forgive yourself.
All of us are on a continuum of knowledge and the further along you travel on this continuum, the better you would be at handling life.
Don’t beat yourself  by using adjectives that don’t fully capture the essence of who you are. Yes, you messed up and flunked out. But an event is not your destiny. Learn to forgive yourself by owning your essence and not the errors you made based on false assumptions. By virtue of your uniqueness, you are a Champion at being you. Don’t let the missteps of the past rob you of joy.
Be the champion that you are. And even when you repeat a mistake, remember that the mistake was an event and not your destiny. Forgive yourself…and keep on moving.

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