Always Ask For Feedback



‘Feedback is the breakfast of Champions!’—Ken Blanchard


If you offer a product or service, look for ways to get feedback from your clients and customers. The importance of having feedback from the people who buy from you is that it can help you improve your offering significantly. Based on the feedback you get, you can tweak your product to meet some of its shortcomings as identified in the feedback you receive.

So how do you get feedback?

Feedback can be gotten simply by asking specific questions around your expectations and impact of your product or service on the customer. The answer you get will then help you mind the gap (if there are any) between your intent and the actual solution your offering provides.

Another way to court feedback is through the use of questionnaires which can be very useful when a degree of anonymity is attached to how you collect it.

Anonymous feedback is typically unbiased and can help you make better products or services without feeling slighted by any person.

Value Feedback

No matter what products or services your offer, learn the value of incorporating feedback into your creative process. What you might have missed out in an earlier version of your offering can only get fixed when you make it a culture to ask for and collect feedback. I mean, if the Googles and YouTubes of this world continue to improve the way they do—and its only because of feedback they get that enables them to do this—then, why not you?


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