3 Techniques for Solving Problems With Your Subconscious Mind And Why Logic May Not Work Every Time


 A while back, I posted about Quiet Time and its value in triggering the subconscious mind to help you with problem-solving. Many of the problems we experience that often defy logic can be easily unraveled when we turn it over to our subconscious mind; the part of your mind you aren’t conscious of.

The subconscious mind is a repository of all your life’s experiences; your beliefs, your memories, your skills, all situations you’ve been through and all images you’ve ever seen. It is a much larger compartment of information than your conscious mind from which you typically rationalize day-to-day problems. While your subconscious mind contains about 90 percent of all the information you have ever accessed, only 10 percent of it is contained in your conscious mind. But the most defining feature of your subconscious mind is that it is…subconscious-beyond the immediate reach of your reasoning faculty-unlike your conscious mind.

Succinctly, you have knowledge nine times the size of your rational mind, stored in a place you cannot reach at will. But the good news is that you can access your subconscious mind through a technique I call the 3Bs-Bed, Bath and Bus.

Whenever you have a numbing logic-defying problem, try sleeping. Sleep puts your brain in the Delta State; a pool of subconscious information.

The last five minutes of your day before you enter into your sleep state are the most important five minutes of your day. In this brief portion of your day,  tell your subconscious mind how you feel and what solutions  you want to have upon awakening from your deep slumber.

Your subconscious mind cannot make a distinction between what you are feeling as a result of all that happens to you throughout your waking hours, or what you feel as a result of what you are imagining for yourself as having already transpired while you are in bed preparing to doze off to sleep. So it can cause the answers you are looking for to float in your consciousness as soon as you awake. So always have a note pad to quickly write the ideas that float up to you particularly if you prayed for something before sleeping.

Ever wondered why your best thoughts come to you in the bathroom? Your conscious mind is set in a deep relaxation mode as soon as water touches your body, causing insights to pop-up in your brain. You probably have heard of how the 16th century scientist,  Archimedes’ discovery in the bath made him shout, Eureka (I have found it) twice, running naked into the streets of Syracuse.

Your brain enters a Theta state in the bath, causing insights to come into your conscious mind.

By bus, I don’t mean it literally. I mean traveling from one place to another. If you haven’t noticed it, looking through the window as you travel either by road or air, puts  you in state where your concentration wanders a bit putting you in a state where ideas surge up into your mind. Here, your brain enters an Alpha State.

Now these three technique can be used at anytime to trigger subconscious mind activity. So the next time you are saddled with a problem lacking any logical resolution, turning over to your subconscious mind by using all or any of these techniques for counter-intuitive problem-solving.




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