Hurt: Ending the Vicious Cycle With Love



Yesterday, I posted about how hurt is a vicious cycle and why we need to take personal responsibility for  ending hurt on ourselves, whether we are at the giving or receiving end of it. If you didn’t see it, I think you should first.

To hurt someone is to value that person less that they really are. Think about it, would you scream hurtfully at a business angel who could funnel thousands, or maybe millions of dollars into your business simply because he or she gave you an appointment and showed up late because of a personal exigency? Would you?

I think not, because to you that person’s value is estimable. Your personal displeasure at your investor’s belatedness aside, you would most certainly waive the lapse and welcome him/her on arrival, showing profuse understanding at whatever excuse your investor came up with because of how you choose to see her/him because of their worth.

The people around us are that way too. The people around us may not have a million dollars to give us but they too are investors in our lives in one way or the other. Forget about people who say they are ‘self-made’, no man is. We all are the sum of words and contributions of others whether these people cook, chauffeur or coach us in some way or the other. Every one in your life has some value they bring, no matter what you think. So make up your mind to treat them with the sense of value that are in your life no matter where on the ladder of life you meet them which is why I say, love people.

Love is the phenomenon that attaches true value to people. It is how we must measure people we have daily interactions with-friends and foes; family and strangers-if we are going to rid this world of hurt. Treat people with deep love because from love, you will be more patient with them; you will show kindness; you won’t be self-imposing and you will be able to see the best in them.


To love is to truly acknowledge that you believe irrespective of creed, race or language that human beings are the image of God. And when you do, you’ll discover that love is the end of the vicious cycle of hurt. Only love can end hate for hurting is a form of hate-self hate spilling out to others you are in constant contact with..

The greats, Gandhi, Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. knew the power of love all too well. They proved it to us with the life that they lived; loving their enemies and ending the hurt that they suffered.

In ending this post today, I draw a quote from MLK for us to really ponder on  how we treat others in our sphere of contact. He said:

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

Have a great week ahead.







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