Make Every Day A Learning Experience

never stop learning concept on blackboard

Pay attention to learning. In these times, the only people who are valuable, and can continue to increase in value, are people who have a devotion for learning new things.

Be a reader

It’s not so much that you don’t have time to read a book as it is that you haven’t yet prioritized reading. Some people ask me how I write every day even with my work schedule is and my answer to them is always the same:

I prioritize.

Have at least one book that you read cover to cover, every month. You stay the same—year in and year out—but for the books you read and the people you meet.

Try Audio Books

But if you find reading really hard, try audio books. Go on Audible and get almost any book in its audio format. The convenience of listening in your car as you commute or during your workout really saves time. My advice would be not to load your MP3 player with many audio books at the same time. Have an audio book you are listening to in a month. Be a learned minimalist so that you can master the ideas in that audio book enough to make changes necessary in your own life.

Use YouTube

Then, there is YouTube. Use YouTube to learn something new and relevant to your field, career or business that can usher you into a higher and better place. Don’t just subscribe to Comedy and gossip channels. Be intentional about your YouTube usage. Subscribe to channels that will teach you to speak a new language, cook meals from another clime, write a book or how to earn residual income. There are tons of stuff on the site that will steadily help you grow your knowledge base and increase your chances at success.

Make every day this year a learning experience and see yourself become a better version of you, one book, our audio book and one YouTube video at a time.

Have a great weekend.


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