Get Your Facts Right

entrepreneur-696x409.jpgThe world is changing pretty rapidly. What we knew as a career path years ago is now a farce. Most employees will likely hold 15 to 20 jobs in their lifetimes and others will move on to start their own businesses somewhere in the course of their work lives. It is to the latter group I write today.

No matter what you want to do-whether its in technology, manufacturing or agriculture-be wise enough to do your research.  And don’t just do the numbers to see if your venture will succeed, look for someone who has done what you want to do or something similar and ask them to mentor you.

Save yourself the pain of learning on your own-by experience. Read books, change your friends and generally increase your knowledge base as you venture.  Most entrepreneurs have a thing for being overly optimistic and don’t do enough in the area of risk management. But in business, what you don’t know will ultimately hurt you, so do one thing and one thing only before you execute:

Always get your facts right!




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