The Greatest Secret About Selling


No matter what you think, everybody is selling something; a product , a service or at least, themselves.

As a profession, selling has been more vilified than any other, aside prostitution, maybe because selling-in the minds of many-is hard.

So let me break it down to the basics for you:

‘Just ask’

Yes, the greatest secret about selling is asking, and asking again and again until you get a yes.

Selling is the art of fishing for a ‘yes’

Whether its a product, a service or yourself you want to sell, if you can ask enough people, enough times to buy what you are selling,  you’d be good at it in no time.

No matter whether its a girl you want to sell yourself to; or the business angel you are hope would invest in your startup; or a prospective client whose account would significantly  change things for you, start by simply asking them to buy what you are selling. And if they don’t  budge,  keep asking or just move to the next person,  and then come back later.

Whatever you do, never forget it, selling is about getting a ‘yes’, so ask.


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