Don’t Punch Yourself In The Face


Very often I hear people discredit themselves based on where they are in life in comparison to the achievements of others. Now, don’t get me wrong, competition—healthy competition—is good. It is a good thing to look out at what others are accomplishing mindful of the fact that each of us is one of a kind. And irrespective of your lack of experience or credentials, if that’s your case, you were put here for something extraordinary.

So don’t discredit yourself, thinking you are nobody. Think about the positive aspects of your life; the important people whose attention you command; the relationships you have; the gifting you have been blessed with and those things you do so effortlessly.

There is a higher purpose to your life that way more that chasing after stuff; fancy cars, a nice house and money in the bank. If you really think introspectively, you’d realise that you were born in some way, to change the world; to push the limits of something that now is and has been in place for a while. And even if it isn’t a change-the- whole-world calling that you have, you are here to change someone’s world. It is this intuitive flame in you that you must not douse with self-doubt.

I like to end this piece with a conversation from a favourite movie of mine, The Great Debaters, between debate-coach Melvin B. Tolson (played by Denzel Washington) and his student, Hamilton Burgess (played by Jermain Williams):

Mr. Tolson trying to correct Hamilton’s self-bashing asked, ‘Would you punch yourself in a street fight, Mr. Burgess?’

‘No sir,’ the young man replied.

‘Then don’t punch yourself in a word fight.’ Melvin blurted, ‘You don’t have to make fun of yourself. Use your humor against your opponent.’

So my final thoughts to you would be: Be challenged by others. Work on becoming, not on having and please, never punch yourself in the face.







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