Work On Being


If you’ve never read Stephen R. Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, you should. The book is a potpourri of so many salient thoughts that are applicable whether you are in business, ministry, sports or management.

A peripheral thought the author shares at the beginning of the book, is to work on being, not on having; to focus on becoming something rather than just focus on making money.

Unfortunately, most schools today focus students on the latter.  And to make matters worse, apprenticeships  have been declining across the world because of the transience in the global economy.

But the grand old truth, like investing for the long haul, is that people who work on becoming something-who take up some sort of trade or pursue certain vocational education-will eventually become scarce and expensive. And then, the sagely truth ‘Work on being, not on having’ will again make sense.

In any case, work on being, not on having…for with what you are, you will have, and not vice versa.





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