Over Deliver

be-moreGoing the extra mile every time cannot be underestimated on the road to success. It’s what will stand you out and make you phenomenal not matter where you are in life.

I mean, of what significance is it if you only meet the expectations of your customers, or fall short of them? How do you stay relevant in a world that suffers chronic levels of attention deficit because of the volume of noise and distraction primed by technological advancement? It’s by becoming phenomenal. Dr Eric Thomas, a great speaker I listen to quite often would say, ‘Be phenomenal… or be forgotten.’

In this era of Google, artificial intelligence and a thousand other things competing for our attention, most of the population have refined personal preferences to only focus on the exceptional. We love Usain Bolt, Andy Murray, Serena Williams, Google, Uber, Doulingo, Facebook and the list goes on, because they are the sublime.

So become sublime. Make it a habit that when you make a promise, you don’t just keep it, you exceed it. When you and your boss agree on a course of action at work, you surpass the agreement. Or when you make a sale, you give an unexpected gift along with the item sold or, offer free after-sale services. There is only one way to be phenomenal at what you do. It is to Over Deliver.

So get on with it.


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