Be An Investor



When money comes to you, how do you behave?

For some, they think about those things they want to buy; the things they think they need; they never have enough. Life calls them wasters.

Then there are people who think about giving, they only see need around then. And as good as this is, they cannot sustain their giving and so, they give today and cannot  give tomorrow. Life calls them foolish

Yet again, there are people who when money comes to them, the think only about the rainy day. They save their money against a rainy day that never really comes. Life calls them unhelpful.

And lastly, there are people who think about multiplying the money that comes to them first. These people become responsible for the flow of money anywhere they go, across the world. They invest in people, ideas and concepts that yield back money in multiplied returns.Like calls the investors.

These four people aren’t really different from each other apart from their state of mind. And whether they earn a lot or little, their state of mind is what determines the the kind of people  they are.

More than 3 billion people live on  $2.50 per day and it’s based on how they respond to the money that comes to them each day.

Don’t be a waster, or foolish or unhelpful. Be an investor-even from that point where you are today. It is a mind thing.


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