A Message to Dads

dadsIf you’re a dad, don’t bruise your kids. And by that I mean, emotionally. Life’s such a short time to be churning out wounded men and women who themselves end up making marriages miserable…or miserable marriages.

Rather, bind them up in daily embraces. Accept the gifts that your children are and unwrap them every single day.
And please do  let them make mistakes along the way but by no means, exasperate them. Far too many  dare little today  because they had a naysayer for a father who called them, ‘useless’.
Be strict and tough,  and let them see. But break them by no means ever, with cruelty or a listless word. For many an abuser breaking many hearts, was an abused child who  had  a misfit for a dad.
Verbal abuse ought to be a crime in this world. Because along with it, many dreams
have certainly been flushed.
And finally, love their mum. There’s no use mistreating her apart from if you hate your
kids. A woman can bear a lot of things, but a scornful man? Even nature finds a way to get rid of him.

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