Never Give Up!


Life  is designed to try your staying power.

Loneliness, trouble, and all kinds of adversity were always part of your life’s journey; the only thing is: maybe you yet don’t realize it.

People who thrive are set people; people who know their ‘why?’-and even if they don’t know it in exact detail, they have an inclination to something about why they are here.

So why are you here? What things keep you hoping that this difficult existence that life sometimes is-has any significance  to you or anyone in this world?

For some, it may be a loved one, or a child or a cause that help you keep from jumping overboard. Whatever it is, stick  it through. Refuse to be frightened by this challenge you are now faced with.

If you were a lesser person, you’d quit. But then, you aren’t. You’ve got to ride the process out. Tell yourself that it came to pass. And never forget, come hell or high water, the end of the story is that YOU WIN, if you never give up.

Trust me, there’s purpose in your pain. So you better not give up!


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