Two Dogs


I heard a story once about a young man who ran a dog fighting entertainment business. Illegal as it was at the time, people would come into the hideout where he staged his dogfights to bet on which dog would win.

People made money, and people lost it-betting on these fights.

Cut the long story short, after one too many arrests from which the young man-now much older-bagged a two year sentence and was made to pay a $150,000 fine, he was asked , ‘Why didn’t you stop?’

‘It was the most certain money I ever made,’ He replied, ‘ I groomed both dogs well each time, but fed one more than I did the other, so that I could always determine which dog won and which didn’t per time.

The truth is, everything in life is like this. We too, always have two dogs;  good and bad; goals and distractions; right and wrong. And the dog you feed is the dog that wins.

Which are you feeding?



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