Schedule Your Days!


excellence_conceptDon’t enter a day until you have lived it out on paper. Don’t enter a month until you have what you want from it figured out. You will waste a year if you haven’t yet mapped the things you would do in it.

The point is: learn to schedule your days!

It’s been said that only what gets scheduled, gets done. And I find this quite true-in my experience. Brian Tracy in his remarkable book, Create Your Own Future: How to Master the 12 Critical Factors of Unlimited Success, writes about how writing an objective on a piece of paper literally takes you halfway to actualizing it.

The science of writing goals is that  it makes your brain go to work like a hit-seeking missile looking for ways to help you reach your goal as soon as you write it down.

Scheduling is that way too. Once you write out what you want to accomplish, it registers in your subconscious mind so that once your brain sees an opportunity, it can immediately prompt you to execute and so on.

Don’t toy with scheduling in the new year. It might just be the one tip that helps you accomplish more in 2017.

Have a great year!



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