Two Things!


Happy New Year to you!

Here’s hoping that the year brings you opportunity. Because without opportunity, the odds of success are much harder to reach.

Success, they say, happens when opportunity meets with  preparation. This is true.

However, you might be wont to ask if opportunity is the part of success that is outside your control? And to this, I say: No!

Success is right within your grasp this year because its two elements are. So here’s what you are going to do.

Use The Law of Averages

This concept states that you can improve your likelihood of achieving any desired outcome in life if you increase the frequency of effort applied towards that goal. You improve your chances of winning by increasing your odds through effort. So if you are a creative person, create more. If you want to get a job, apply more. If you want to get married this year, meet more people.

Learn More

The second thing you’ll do this year is learn more. Everything you want in life for yourself, your family and your career are learn-able. Read books like never before. Be willing to have uncomfortable conversations and end the relationships you aren’t learning from. What you want, wants you! All you need is to become learner.

It is your time to be more this 2017. So go out there and win!






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