The End of The Job

jobs_hiring-759Sometimes, I think about young people now looking for jobs and I wonder. The world has changed. And if you don’t already know that looking for a job might not necessarily be the answer to your livelihood, you might want to see the stats below and seriously reconsider:

  • An additional 1.1 million jobless will likely be added to the global tally of 199.4million in 2017, according to the ILO’s World Employment and Social Outlook – Trends 2016  (WESO).
  • About 2 billion jobs will disappear by 2030
  • The internet is fast giving rise to a gig economy. Traditional job functions can now be bought and sold on freelancing sites like and

And if you now don’t see it, traditional jobs like delivering mail, farming, accounting,  driving, cooking, and even, writing will give way to artificial intelligence in a couple of years, which makes me wonder:

Are you studying a course for a job that won’t exist when you leave school?

If you are in the university, ask yourself this question.

One book I’ll like recommend you buy and read is Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson M.D and for certain, you’ll agree with me that this is the end of the job, as we know it.




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