5 Things I Learnt This Weekend

The pundits say we live in a knowledge economy…to which I most certainly agree. Everything is learn-able, whether it is learning to earn more money, learning to dance or learning to cook a new meal from another part of the world. Well, here are five things I learnt this weekend:

  1. Making E-book covers: Using Canva.com, I made four e-book covers in less than an hour for four of my new books, saving me about $40 in payments to my pseudo-melancholic graphic artist whose concepts drive me crazy…once in a while.
  2. Duolingo: This is an app that promises to help you learn any language in record time for free . I mean, you can learn Hebrew, German, Polish, French and maybe one day, Igbo or Yoruba. I found it very valuable  since translating my books into other languages is fast becoming a goal for me.
  3. Dealflow: This is a business angel investing term for the number of investment deals an investor can choose from to invest in. Simply put, the larger your dealflow, the less likely you’d pick flops to invest in and vice versa…I just hope you get the picture.But if you don’t, google it.
  4. Inward witness: This one isn’t so new but I learnt about it again at church this weekend. And the poignant thing about the inward witness (or gut like some people like to call it) is that it is an in-built GPS to help us with decision making. As a person of faith, the inward witness is how God leads me to victory, through trials and away from error or mishap. Again, I will ask you to google it, if you want to know more.
  5. Everything is Negotiable: This one had me thinking seriously. Who said certain tasks or accomplishments will take x amount of time? Who said you couldn’t be in shape by Christmas? People! But increasingly, the opinions of people are flawed when it comes to what you can or cannot do. So your job is to find ways to chunk down or deconstruct the things you have certain preconceptions about and go at it with tact.Nothing is ever cast in stone so you might want to have that in mind.

Have a really awesome week and merry Christmas in advance.

By the way, here are the books covers:


You can check out the first book on Amazon…and the second one too, coming out on January 1, 2017.

The others will be announced with time.


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