#Buy The Code: A Simple Story about Raising Great Women

If you are a mom with daughters, seeking how to really leave an impact on them, I think your search can end here


The Code tells the story of an ambitious young lady named Kay who yearns to successfully balance the demands of her job with raising three beautiful daughters. Kay is a real self-starter, though sometimes it feels like as if the success she enjoys at work isn’t commensurate with her being a wife and a mother. And so one day, desperate to assuage her feelings of inadequacy, she seeks advice of the stratospheric Hypatia, a mother of six successful women and legendary life coach referred to by many of her mentees simply as the Chaperon.
Over the next two weeks, Hypatia introduces Kay to a series of outstandingly successful people, most of whom she had helped crack the code of winning at home and work.
Hypatia’s friends share with Kay the Ten Principles of Mothering Great Women and teach her what to do to become great herself.
Kay learns that changing her focus from quantity to quality—the time she spends with her girls—ultimately guarantees mothering success.
Filled with wit and candour, The Code is a heart-warming story about why mothers must take the centre-stage in the upbringing of their daughters.

Buy it on Amazon now for just $2.99


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