Be Strong-A Prophecy

I am with you saith the Lord
I am with you, not as I was with Moses but as I was with Joseph to give you favour and mercy. Be strong and very courageous. Be strong, don’t let anything distract you from my Word. Be strong, don’t let the winds, question your foundation but be grounded in my Word for these are trying times in the world.

Be strong in prayer. Be strong in prayer for the nation. Be strong in my word. Be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.
Speak my word all the time. Refuse to cower at that issue or circumstance. There is a Word for that situation. Find and speak it forth until it disappears; until it dematerializes and you materialize a new reality. Have I not said you are gods and all of you children of the Most High? Don’t die like men. Don’t quit like men. Don’t fail like men. Don’t keep malice like men. For you are gods, all of you. And where your word is, there is power. Speak my word to that matter. Nothing is far from reach. You are a spirit. Take it in your spirit and speak it forth.
Awake to Fatherhood.
Many in the Church are yet to awake to this truth. I am Father. (Malachi 4:5)
They need to know that they are my children and I care for them as a father cares for his children. For a father cares for his children differently from a mother. A mother nurses but a father gives direction. And this the biggest need in the world today. To be my children should be their greatest ambition; to be led and instructed and blessed.
1st October 2016

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