Your Why?



I promised my dad on his deathbed that I’d make him proud. I remember him today in the most extraordinary way because he was a fighter to the end. 

In our last moments together, I remember looking into those eyes, his body now emaciated- far from the hunk-of-a-pilot alpha-male I once knew-and promised I would make his name proud. It was heartfelt and the twinkle I saw in his eyes that day was priceless because it smacked off hope; that the flicker had escaped extinguishing; that the old was being cleared out for the new-me.

That commitment almost fourteen years after, still drives me today. It is one of my many whys that have helped stave off mediocrity in trying moments.

What is your why? Who benefits or suffers from how you are living today? Your why can alter how you live your life from here onward…if you let it.

Honestly, it pays to know your why whether it is in a marriage, profession or business. Learn it and internalize it until it governs how you carry yourself.


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