The Man In The Mirror


What do you see?

If you’ve come across James 1:23 in the Bible, you’ll have observed that the word of God is called a mirror. You are the word of God physically. But because you haven’t fully realized it yet, I am sharing this with you again.

You are everything God’s word says you are. You are patient, rich and full of glory. But you have to look in the mirror. It must be a personal decision you must make.

Look in the mirror today and be what you see. But before you become what you see, you’ve got to say what you see.

Get out your Bible today, look inside it and say what you see. Faith will come to you. It will speak through your vocal chords if you let it.

You are the Man in the Mirror. That’s your best self in there so be who you are. But start by acknowledging what you see.


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