Demand Excellence


A great preacher once told me that life never gives you what you deserve but what you demand.

What is it you want out of this life that you are living? What are the things that will make your life more fulfilling?

It’s easy to misconstrue my writing as motivational but I write this to Christians who by the context already have what we believe is the God-life from John 3:16 in the Bible.

The God-life is a flawless life just  like a high-tech gadget, and as with something beyond our capacity to handle at the beginning, we make mistakes; we slip up…but it doesn’t change the fact that the life we have received is flawless. The writers of the King James version described it as everlasting life but I think excellence more describes this life.

Our job is to demand excellence from ourselves-every time. And this is how to do it: Speak what God has said about you in the face of trials and temptations. I mean literally say, ‘Sin shall not have dominion over me because I am not under the law but under grace’ the next time you are tempted to do something wrong.

Say, I am rich in the face daunting financial challenge.

This life is not hard, it is character-building, and you may not feel it so because you are inside the frame of this glorious picture that God has painted of you. But trust me and just begin to learn to speak God’s word over your life. Respond with the word to those symptoms. Respond with the word of God to those demand notices. Demand excellence.

If the word of God on God’s lips recreated this world in six days as we believe, what wouldn’t it do on your lips?

Brothers and sisters, your life is excellent. Prophesy your life out of the Word of God. Demand excellence!


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