Renew Your Mind


You mind is your greatest asset. At least, that’s what I have heard the pundits say over and over. But if you are Christian, your mind is your biggest assignment because for you, it is the limit of your awareness of God;it is the boundary of your awareness  of what’s possible when you believe.

Your mind is your greatest potential. Your thoughts are the doorway to your reality. What more can you use to shape your mind  other than the very word that created this world. If God could used it to create this world in six days, imagine how you can use it to create the balance, the prosperity, the change and the health you so desperately need in your life right now.

Your mind is the secret. You are being held back or propelled by it. Saying that you were born this or that way is a mind thing. If you change your mind with God’s word, you can change anything-your disability; your sexuality; your bank account; your contribution; your marriage…your life.

Do Romans 12:2. Renew your mind.


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