Cleansing Daily


The world is full of dirt. The very language we speak; the songs on the radio while you drive to and from places, wreak of weakness. The air around us seems hellbent on putting us in a ‘human’ corner and keeping us there permanently-if you get what I mean. 

But if you are born-again, you aren’t human. You are divine. We live from our home in heaven through our bodies on the earth. Difficult as this may sound to logical reasoning, that’s the explanation of Philippians 3:20.

So how do you deal with the corrupting influences of this world? You do it by the Word. You wash your mind day and night by ‘hearkening’ to message of the Bible. I used the King James word, ‘hearken’ because it means, to hear and do. Take a spiritual bath from today onward by reading and speaking God’s word no matter the situation and see the health, wealth and all round peace you’ll begin to enjoy.

The divine life wasn’t given to you to suffer and I don’t care what religious folks might say about suffering to try to make it look spiritual. Cleanse your way with the word. It’s time to enjoy your life.



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