The Joy Of Pain


Pain is good. It is a  feeling tells you a lot about yourself; where you are in your life. The pundits say:

No Pain,No Gain!

God too is an expert in pain. Jesus learnt obedience by the things he suffered. Pain will produce character in you if you learn from it.

Fools don’t get a reward from their pain because they don’t learn from it. If you have no money in your pocket and you are a Christian, you aren’t learning from the pain of not having. You haven’t learnt that poverty comes because somebody is avoiding the pain of work.

Pain is about sacrifice; it’s about sacrificing what you are now for what you could become. It is about putting down your phone and pulling out those books to study; it’s about getting up earlier to meditate, exercise and pray. It’s about establishing new routines.

Pain is good!



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