The Reason Why You Are Here


Whether you believe it or not, we’ve been put on earth for a reason.

Finding our meaning is a very important aspect of why we are here. For some, life’s meaning is all about making money; or taking care of loved ones; or attaining the highest possible position in the establishment they work for. And don’t get me wrong. people can be remarkably successful at the things from which they derive life’s meaning for themselves. What God put you here for is however different from what He put me here for but one thing is certain, our meaning is outside us and yet uniquely woven into the fabric of our being.

The Bible says of you that you were made-meaning someone-somewhere- put thought into the fabrication of your existence. Being  crafted like a cup or car for some definite purpose like collecting drinking water or  conveying people from place to place  points to a fact that creations draw their very essence or use from the mind of their maker. And so you (fix your name here)  do have a purpose but it lies in the mind of your maker.

Then, the holy book says more; that you were made in the image and likeness of God- and this is where things blow out of proportion. Imagine that you were in front of a mirror and then you smiled or made a certain gesticulation, it is almost certain that your image would smile back or make the same gesticulation as you, right?


Because you and your image are one and the same only it is your reflection. You are an image of God; His reflection-at least that was his intention until man to on the image of Satan when Adam fell.

But who is God? someone might ask. God is a creator. God is a loving personality. And God preexisted mankind.

But it also says I was created in the  likeness of God and how does that have to do with why I am here? God’s likeness is His Character. God loves; He always begins with the end in mind and always upholds the integrity of His word. This is who you are-or at least how He intended you to be.

Man’s meaning is intricately woven into his being. You are the image of God in looks and demeanor. And that’s why Jesus came.

Man had fallen short of his meaning when he rebelled against God by his disobedience. He lost his essence in looks and character when He chose Satan over God in the Garden of Eden.His once glorious physical features could now fall sick, start wars and cause enormous pain and destruction like His adopted master.

But Jesus came to show mankind its purpose; to rule over the earth exactly as God rules in heaven;to dominate the earth in such a way that there is no more sickness, suffering or sleight. Jesus was the perfect demonstration of God’s original intention for mankind as stated in Genesis 1:26. And that is why you are here.

You are here to bring the experience of heaven to the earth.


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