A Thing About Perseverance


Steve Jobs 2

By perseverance, the snail reached the ark.

‘But with the way my generation is so star-struck, can anyone get anywhere without taking a short caught,’ I asked myself.

The short routes to wealth in my country  are politics, music and something called ‘packaging’- something I am short replacing with the word, ‘scamming’.

A whole generation that doesn’t believe in queuing, working hard or praying long nearly miss the essence of this coy word maybe because the patient dog today has no  bone; our hardworking parents have no pensions and real miracles only happen on TV.

Words contain meaning; a picture or an expectation. Like when I use the word, CLINTON, you might see a grey-haired septuagenarian Caucasian male who was President of the United States of America or, If you weren’t born then, you see a blonde haired sexagenarian Caucasian female who wants to be President of the US of A. Whichever picture comes to your mind is fine. And for the records, Bill Clinton will just be 70 next Friday.The crude idea here seems to be that  the picture ‘perseverance’ holds is  lost on us as a community

Perseverance in my mind, depicts the picture of marathon ; that the race of life must be run with endurance; that nothing in life is gained overnight; that bit by bit, we build, prophesy and chart our courses in life; that like most women in pregnancy who must endure the ups and downs of trimesters, one day she too, will become an overnight success-celebrated and bejeweled.

There are indeed overnight successes, don’t get me wrong. And as implied, overnight success happens overnight… but it happens after the drudgery of a few days, months or years. So stick it out.

Your success is in the offing…if you never quit; if you find it within yourself to plod on; if you realize that greater is he that lives in you than He who lives in the world.

Perseverance is what it takes to realize your worth. It is also the well-worn route to the place of your success.

So don’t give up !




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