Every Black Content Creator Should See This


Fascinating as this video may seem, I was petrified by the self-hate that black children had for their skin. And it was striking. 15 out of 21 black children thought the black doll was ugly, untrustworthy and undesirable. We as a race hardly write or create content about  the greatness of being black.

In a sense, it may seem that black people have no sense of worth or legacy. The Disneys and Warner Brothers of this world would never project our race or beliefs.

This is not about racism, it is just that our mental laziness has gotten the best of us. We are a people who have lost our sense of self. And it isn’t in this unending futile search for black consciousness in the past that African writers always lean in towards. It is the fundamental acceptance of truth; that black people today have  equal duty to the world ; that we have our quota to bring for the advancement of humanity; that we aren’t only about violence, sex and rap music.

A Nigerian and two African-Americans were killed last week and the outcry was as expected-minimal. Black lives matter, I agree. But do they matter where they should? In technology, media and humanities?

I read to my two sons every evening before they turn in for the night; most of what we read  being biographies. One out of every six is about a person of African heritage simply because we aren’t writing our own stories. That’s five biographies of a Thomas Edison, Steven Spielberg, Mark Twain, Henry Ford and Helen Keller, and one of Nelson Mandela. It wasn’t surprising for me that my sons too thought the white doll was better than the black one but I thought it utterly preposterous.

Like Chinua Achebe, who in his time, had to write books for his children, I am now forced to create content for mine. I hope to God that I succeed in righting this wrong that we have done ourselves.

But again, I  feel I must warn you; so that somewhere in our consciousness, we too, create a movement that is positive and race uplifting-something of wonder, that our children can again be proud to say: I AM BLACK.

God bless you




One thought on “Every Black Content Creator Should See This

  1. This is the truth. Although I believe we lost our identity and self worth through the invasion of Africa, but I agree that beyond the struggle for social justice and equality of all races we should also advocate equal contribution to human and global enrichment.

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