Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth (John 17:17)

Have you even been jeered at for being Christian, particularly at school or at the office?

I salute you.

You know the above-themed scripture is responsible for it, right?

Jesus said in his prayer for you that the Father sanctify you with truth.

The word, sanctify plainly means to clean, to separate, sieve or make holy.

The separating force between you and people aren’t yet born again is truth. And truth is the Word of God.

When they see you pray, they may call you deep or ‘holy, holy’. When you tweet about Jesus, you might not get a single retweet. Or when you decline to go with them to a social function because you have to be in church,  then, they go off on you.

Cheer up! It’s a sign that Jesus’ prayer for you in John 17:17 got answered.

It’s a sign you are sanctified.



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