The Hundred Percent Return



The fact that someone is expecting a 100 percent return on my life often gives me the creeps….and it should you too.

Matthew 25: 14-31 lets us know that the gifts we have are from God and that, and that  His investment in us are for a 100 percent return. In other words, we ought to use our gifts-no matter what they are-for the advancement of His causes.

God’s number one cause is driven by his unconditional love for human beings. It was why He sent Jesus, His holy incarnate,  to die as a paschal sacrifice, so that He could rid all mankind of guilt, shame and hatred.

So whatever you do today, remember that you were called to use your gifts for the expansion of the kingdom of God to reach many more people with the good news of freedom to the bound, vision for the blind, mobility for the incapacitated and abundance for the poor. This news is however only made possible by the death, burial and resurrection of the man,  Jesus Christ.

Have a great day!



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