Lost lives


‘The grove was filled with bodies…so much blood everywhere,’ Gredoo said and then gasped as he led his visitor by a cliff overlooking the Moat of Isago , ‘the rains had refused to come down and King Ewaen had ordered that Idere Village be sacrificed to Isago, the god of rain as the heat this past year had become unbearable.

The old man with him didn’t realize when he put his two hands on his balding head and cried, ‘ Osanobua lahor’ to the Great god of the twelve heavens, a prayer for mercy as he knew the king would repeat the same slaughter at Itakhuere, the next village after Idere on the way to Urhobo land.

‘Since the sky would not cry and the earth has swallowed its saliva, is it not for my children to pray to Isago? Or does Ewaen think he will go guiltless for this carnage his has done the kingom?’

In that moment, Gredoo realized that the old man standing before him become Aguanomwan the king on the hill, the Man with many faces and he stooped quickly to do him obeisance but Aguanomwan would not let him.

Kings do not prostrate to kings, child…only vassals do where the words that came from the Man with many faces.

‘I do not understand your meaning my Lord,’ Gredoo replied, ‘ I am but a forest guide in these parts great one.

‘Indeed you are…but only time can tell who you truly are, my son’ Aguanomwan paused and then continued, ‘give it time’. And then, he disappeared.

The corpses were still so fresh with the ooze of blood in every direction, perfect but undone. The kingdom, or at least King Ewaen would have hoped that Isago would be the first to get to the grove for mortals were never to behold a sacrifice made to the rain god. Gredoo was mortal and so the lives lost at Idere were indeed lost.




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