3 Types of People In Your Life And How To Deal With Them


I saw a message by Bishop T.D. Jakes  yesterday and the only thing that came to my mind was my previous post about 2 hacks you can make to dramatically alter your life.

In the sermon, Bishop Jakes talked about the 3 types of people in your life and it is important you do not mix them up on your way to your destiny.

  1. Confidants: People who are with you for you. They are the no-matter-what people who stay with you through thick and thin; through hell and high water. They solve problems in your life or at least, stick with you through them.
  2. Constituents: These people are your fans. They are in your life not for you but for what you do that they find comfortable or even exciting. They are with you for the course you are on in life. These people are your passengers. The moment they feel you aren’t going where they are going, they’re gone. Some family members are this way. The moment you try to change your life, career or shift into another gear they aren’t accustomed to, that’s it. They are out. So let them go…and forgive them. They couldn’t stay because they had to leave.
  3. Comrades: These are people who are with you because you share a common goal or enemy. They are colleagues at work or school. People who are in your life because circumstances have brought you together. Some spouses too  realize after 30 years that the men or women they married, were there so long because they wanted to provide for the children;  pay off the mortgage; or just kill loneliness. These people weren’t there for you, they were there because  both of you faced a common difficulty at a time. You weren’t soul mates but comrades. And once the difficulty got undone, they were gone. Forgive them too.


While you need people because no man is an island, you need confidants; people you can truly talk to and share life with.  It may shock you that you have none in your life right now if you truly test the reasons why the people in your life are there right now.


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