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Nothing is as painful as living off people especially if you’re a millennial and have had to work and earn money until you somehow became unemployed. It humbles you, makes you come to terms with one of life’s tests as to whether you are producer-minded or a lowly consumer.

For some, this state of mendicancy quickly becomes transient. They reach within themselves and find that Grammy-winning song,  the New York Times bestseller or an Oscar-winning screenplay. They learn that the way up is deep down within the recesses of their minds; blessing the world with the gift God put inside them.

For others, the many, who continue begging; blaming and bitching about how life dealt them a bad hand, this is for you: Wake up! People around you may not all be frank with you but let me say that nobody owes you anything-not even God.

You are the scum of the Earth if you can’t use your mind to create a plan to meet one of the many needs around you. You should never be given another handout if you haven’t the sense to look for knowledge or a skill that can serve many people because therein is the money you seek. Your mind is your wealth. And if you have a poor mind that cannot come up with an idea to make our lives easier, how great is your poverty.

This year, make a decision to renovate your mind. Borrow books if you can’t afford used ones. Books will open your mind to new possibilities for you because they will share what others have done to come out of lack and despondency.  Three books I recommend are;  Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy and The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Pearl.

Let this be your year for a Mindshift. Trust me, you’d be thanking me by the end of the year for this.

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