Interventionist Leadership And Followership


Our leaders will always be a reflection of us and vice versa. Nigerian leadership isn’t Chinese. And the Nigerian president is not from Sao Tome and Principe. We-Nigerians- are our own albatross.

And until there is breakage of the cycle of  the quality of leadership and followership in Nigeria, our country will stay the same, year after year.

It always bothers me that music legend, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti sang about things like epileptic electric power supply; police corruption and brutality; and mindless religious followership as far back as the 70s. And today, our country still faces these problems with no solution in sight.

The need for interventionist leadership and followership is no longer an option; a leadership and followership that queries status quo and is willing to embrace new ways for which we can solve our perennial challenges. The ereason is simple: without a culture of questioning, countries stay the same as has been the case of Nigeria.

Insanity, in the words of the acclaimed genius, Albert Einstein is defined as…

….doing the same thing over and over and expecting  different results.

Our country will continue to face the same challenges if  we don’t do things differently which should leave you wondering how insane that can be.


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