3 Tips On Winning Big From February


January is nearly over, and for most people very little was accomplished. They started with the idea that January is a month to ‘see through’ till pay day having spent more than they should have during the holidays.

What many do not consider is that how you approach January sets the tone for the rest of the year.

If January wasn’t an adrenaline-filled, make-quick-wins month for you, here are 3 tips to make February a bang:

Create a capture list. What do you really want to achieve this year? A lot of thoughts will come to you about things you can achieve this year; maybe about starting a new business or pursuing a new career. Whatever ideas come to you, put them in a list; knowing there will be some of them that resonate with your being as we’ll see later on.

Create an action plan. What are the things you need to do to realize the things you want to accomplish? And before you  do this, clarify these 2 questions in your mind;

  • What do you really want? Be very clear about the outcomes you expect
  • Why do you want it? Knowing why will provide you with the drive you need to go for it.

Take action. Execution is everything.  You can plan all you want but until you start out, nothing means anything. Three things you should do in this area are:

  • Resolve the things you must do to start that business or task.
  • Set a time limit for which you will have accomplished certain sub-tasks.
  • Use leverage but showing someone else your ‘why’ so that it can also drive them to help you get more things done. Leverage and delegation are different in the sense that leverage always gets more done.

Do this and  February could be a much better month in terms of your goals and personal achievement.


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