Your Talk

Poor people talk poor, do you know? They preoccupy themselves with talk about bills, problems and all the things they have zero control over their in their lives.

Middle class people talk middle  class. They talk about the state of the economy; getting more professional qualifications, moving up the corporate ladder and yes, the new social trend, movie or buzz to try to look hip.

Rich people, on the other hand, talk rich. They talk about true riches-ideas, concepts and products-because real wealth is about solving problems for large numbers of people whether the problem is housing, food, clothing or social interaction.

Sometimes our talk is influenced by the kind of people we associate with. Your net worth is the average of your five closest associates. So, changing your talk might mean changing your friends.

In the end, your talk is your decision. And if this blog has communicated any other thing, it is that:

Your talk is your postcode whether you’re poor, middle class or rich.


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