How To Sell More

Many salespeople ask the question: How can I sell more?

And to them my reply is, ask, ask ask!

Keep asking people to buy what you sell. Its what big corporations do all day long as you listen to those ads on the radio countless times as you drive to work. They are asking you all day long, sometimes with the same jingle so that a buying decision gets formed subconsciously in your mind and the mind of many other prospects.

To sell more, you are going to have to ask more and more people. You must be ready to ask the next person even after you get a rejection to buy. You must be earnestly committed to keep asking more and more people to buy what you sell.

Most people don’t sell as much as thy should because they fear rejection. Rejection is a myth. Think of it this way:

Your prospect had not bought before you asked and if he/she declines after you asked, nothing got worse

Sales is a numbers game, and if you are going to win at it, be prepared to ask a lot of people to buy your product or service.

I hope this was helpful? Please leave a comment below….Thanks!


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