A Gorgeous Gregarious Girl Called Gift

A gorgeous gregarious giant-sized girl called Gift gorged her bowl of groundnuts as we chatted late into the night. It was by sheer happenstance that we had met earlier on in the day at Trynoglass — a start-up I was looking to fund.

Taken aback by the way her barrel-sized trunk slapped on the edge of the desk as she typed furiously on the keyboard made me want to meet this girl who seemed outright defiant of any negative opinions any passers-by might have of her.

‘Hello,’ I bellowed, ‘my name is Tayo.’

‘I’m Gift, the new intern,’ she replied with the richest smile I have ever seen. And truthfully, I was drawn in by it.

‘Wow, you do have the most infectious smile I have ever seen,’ I muttered without even realising it.

She gave me a look as if to say, wait a minute you are flirting. But then she smiled again.

‘Thank you very much,’ she deadpanned and then continued, ‘so what brings you to our office? I mean how can I help you?’

Realising she had switched to an official tone, I replied, ‘You don’t know I came to fire your boss?’

‘Really?’ she replied with that infectious smile again, ‘Too bad he’s not around to give you the pleasure….what d’you say your name is again? Mr. Tayo?

This time I was blown away.

Eight hours had now passed, and I was enamoured by the manner in which we instantly rhymed, made conversation and laughed at each other’s jokes from the office to the car park and finally at the pub. This began to give me second thoughts.

Wait o! No pun intended but was I — the one everybody thought was happily married — falling for this Gift with many gifts?

Or had I just been mauled by the loneliness of night? I had planned to come to the pub to wallow on my pitiable sack and the frailty of the life I had left — ten years of tireless work; twice divorced, with three children I had failed far too many times.

We had hit it on a high note, Gift and me, but it was the way Carol would feel that kept on thumping at my chest. Carol and I had thought we were soul mates…and indeed we were.

She was a gaping distance from the bore and tardiness that Rinu and Hadiza, my previous wives, epitomised.

Carol was more. She was elegant and conservative at once. She just always did things right — cooked, shared and …you know…yes that too. But maybe her elegance wasn’t enough any longer.

Gift surpassed my wife talk-wise. She was just the vent I needed to deal with the frustration of being chased away from the first company I had founded in my twenties. In my mind, it was her being so cerebral that lured me. Few women made this kind of conversation about sports, philosophy and life in general…and maybe there was something  more, she too seemed to have a wild side like Carol.

When it happened I can’t recall, but when in the early hours of the morning I reached for my phone  and saw a text message that read: Thanks Tee, I had the time of my life talking with you today xoxo,

It was then I realized I had been struck by Cupid’s arrow.



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