Raise Your Standards



This year, if you are going to see a different outcome-in your bank account, your body and your life in general-you are going to have to raise your standards.

It’s good to have new goals and pursue them.

But the question is who do you want to become by these new goals that you have? That’s where your motivation should arise out of.

Maybe you want a better body; or a bigger house; or a more meaningful life this 2016, raising your standards is what will take you out of your comfort zone permanently.

Someone might ask, ‘How?’

The answer is simple, you see yourself as you want to be in your mind’s eye this year and let your mental picture guide how you carry on with your goals.

I call it a MIND-SHIFT. If there’s going to be any real change in your life this year, your mind is where it is going to start. You mind-shift will give you a ‘why’ to do what you need to do to achieve your dreams.

You can…and Thank God Its Monday!!!!


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