Keep At It

Don’t give up.

You may not see any value in some of the new sets of decisions you are now making with your life but you cannot quit.

You are in a battle and the problem is, many of you don’t know it.

The self-doubt, the mental drawbacks that come to you from the perceptions that people around you throw at you, and the downright difficulty of trying to make a change this year and become a better version of you.

All of that…? Those thoughts start and can be stifled or made to flourish in your mind. But first, you’ve got to have the right kind of attitude.

Your attitude is your decision in advance to respond to things in a certain way, not anyone else’s.  So you can flip it in a minute.

You cannot be complacent this year 2016. What you must improve is your mind because where your mind goes, your results follow. Keep working on it. And decide to just keep at mind management. You’ll win if you don’t quit.


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