Children Too Have Rights

A while ago, I was in an Oshodi-bound bus. And the popular cable music channel was airing. You know the music channels and their videos with the bodacious vixens. The problem was, there were school children in the bus and it was about 2 pm in the afternoon and no one seemed to care what the children saw on the TV.

Then, just last week it happened again. Lil’ Kesh -Nigeria’s most explicit rapper at the moment-was on a national TV network at 1 o’clock in the afternoon on a public holiday. Again, I was sure that there were  children somewhere in Nigeria watching him spew, and yet I didn’t hear that the NBC fined anybody.

As if to say that wasn’t enough, a comedian was on TV at 2 pm that same day on another national TV network using swear words in his jokes.

My question: How do these infractions on the rights of children escape the NBC, the Management of these TV networks and the rest of us?

I mean, children too have rights, don’t they?


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